• Wireless


    Our service is built on fixed wireless, and LOS is a requirement (Line of sight). In order to use a secure and efficient fixed wireless system, customers must have a point to point unit.
  • VSAT


    VSAT, or Very Small Aperture Terminal, is a satellite and internet technology that consists of a small box (modem) that acts as a receiver and a dish antenna.
  • Microwave


    Microwave is a point-to-point technology capable of providing highly efficient, high-capacity wireless communications. It uses outdoor microwave transmitters to provide high-rate symmetric speeds.
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About us

FarsRoute is a value-added distributor of wireless networking and ICT solutions focused on Afghanistan markets. Operating in 34 cities, the region’s commercial hub, FarsRoute is the ultimate choice for the supply of wireless networking and ICT solutions.Run by a small group of professionals with a long history of presence in the information technology and Wireless industry, FarsRoute is the ultimate choice for premium equipment suppliers in order to reach the region’s technology-thirsty market.

With the focus on the wireless networking field, clients are confident that the technical knowledge needed for the design, implementation, and support of such networks can be accessible. FarsRoute is dedicated to maintaining customer satisfaction by constant improvement in its offering.

  • Ultra-speed Connection
    Ultra-speed Connection
  • Dedicated Internet
    Dedicated Internet
  • Free Installation
    Free Installation
  • Fast Support 24/7
    Fast Support 24/7

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